About us

Hello! Im Terri and a mother to 2 small humans, many of you may know of Hainmade, a childrens clothing store I started when my first born, Henry was just 9 months old, I found it really hard to shop on the high street for boys clothes so I decided to start making them myself, that turned into a successful business which meant that I could work around my son, meanwhile, along came Olivia my daughter and I was able to work around both of my children whilst my husband works away, so at times it has been very stressful as well as very rewarding, but I needed to shake things up and my style has slightly changed from those days so thats where Happy Souls Embroidery was born...

At Happy Souls Embroidery I create handmade and embroidered clothing for children, Ive always loved an oversized jumper so that is the main garment you will find here but we will have plenty of options available.

Please head over to @happysoulsembroidery on Instagram to see some more of our designs.